Kyosho Drone Racer Setting Manager Released (Windows)

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    The Kyosho Drone Racer Setting Manager for Windows (x86 and x64) has been released and can be found in our downloads section. Below is an overview of how it works and things to look out for when using it.

    CAUTION: Using Settings manager v1.0 I had an issue where the USB connection dropped mid-firmware update and nearly bricked my Kyosho Drone Racer. Be sure that the connection is reliable before doing so by connecting and ensuring a connection remains secure for 1 minute before starting!

    The Setting Manager allows easier on-screen adjustment of the standard model settings. It also opens up new, additional adjustments and personal settings that are not available without the use of the Setting Manager. This wider range of settings means the flying characteristics of the Drone Racer can now be more easily changed to suit the personal preferences of each pilot. The Setting Manager allows new functions to be activated after registration by entering in the POWER UP item codes.

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